Procedure of membership registration

For application, please fill in the application form or contact us by phone

Processing application forms are below listed below.

  1. Application form for parents agreement sheet, registration form, medical certificate, bank-transfer sheet, entrance fee, monthly tuition fee and sports insurance fee. These are paid by noticed in advance.
  2. We will contact you for starting lesson date when the all applicants are complete.

Course & fees

Regular program

  1. Hachioji: Tuesday, Thursday
  2. Once a week ¥8,640
    Twice a week ¥14,040
  3. Tama: Monday, Wednesday
Once a week ¥8,100
Twice a week ¥12,960

Development program

  1. Tobuki: Monday
Monthly fee


Saturday program

Coming soon!!

Entrance fee

¥21,500 including; Shirts, Pants and Socks

Image Coming Soon

Extra fees

  1. Yearly fee (only 2nd Year): ¥5,000
  2. Sports insurance: ¥2,160
  3. Winter jersey: ¥13,000 *Set

Upon registration, you will receive a full Chelsea FC Soccer School Adidas training kit following as the listed below:

1 x Adidas Jersey

1 x Adidas Shorts

1 x pair of Adidas Socks

As following the official CFCSS Training Kit, students are encouraged to wear it during training sessions.

Image Coming Soon