Article 1 (About us)

Our CHELSEA FC Soccer School Tokyo (following main school) is referred as officially purported in Japan.

Article 2 (Office location)

Our CHELSEA FC Soccer School main office is located as the address below.

1055-101 Koizaka Haitsu, Komiya-cho, Hachiouji City, Tokyo Japan

Article 3 (Aim)

Our soccer school is members of CHELSEA FC Soccer School Tokyo and through the practice of soccer we aim to support and promote community and development of mental health and physical condition for Chelsea FC members.

1. Give a highly educational environment to help members archive their passions and dreams through their efforts.
2. The learning of global communication skills.
3. The learning of sportsmanship such as manners and social studies.
4. Our soccer school students are given the soccer value at the international standard level.

Article 4 (Registration qualification)

Those who enroll to our soccer school must follow the guideline as listed below.

1. Our school members must agreed to complied with the agreement of Chelsea FC Soccer School's terms and condition.
2. Our student's health condition must be at a level for which we deem appropriate.

Article 5 (Admission procedure)

Applying for membership registration requires the completion of application procedure. Member who is admitted by our school will be able to participate in the following calendar year.

Article 6 (Membership fees)

Membership fees will be paid in bank transfer by due date when you enroll to our soccer school.

Article 7 (Due of non-refund)

Payment will not be refunded for any reasons other than declination of membership by Chelsea FC Soccer School Tokyo.

Article 8 (Delinquency)

Our soccer school may decided to withdraw and stop sessions for members who failed to make a payment in case of delinquency.

Article 9 (Guidance contents)

Those who enroll in this school must be equipped with the following guidelines.

1. Coaching staff member must have a certified license in Chelsea FC foundation.
2. Our school defines guidelines for which concrete teaching methods will be based on.

Article 10 (Lesson and time schedule)

Those who enroll in this soccer school, must be equipped with the following guidelines.

1. Our school activities will follow a separate schedule.
2. Lessons will be canceled in case of emergency. We will inform you in advanced.

Article 11 (School rules)

Members must comply with the following guideline.

1. Members should work hard and have an enjoyable time.
2. Members should wear the Chelsea uniform and keep as it as clean as much possible. Chelsea uniform may be changed by premium partner and global partner's with Chelsea FC foundation in case of seasonal change.
3. Chelsea FC Soccer School Tokyo will follow the agreement of school regulation.
4. Chelsea FC Soccer School Tokyo will endeavor to achieve our goal.

Article 12 (Membership modification)

Members must comply with the following in order to be accepted as the member.

Article 13 (Temporary absence)

1. In the events of absence (continuously between one and two months) member must give 5 days advance notice.
2. Members who are absence for under 2 months will still be liable the school fee. However exemptions can be provided to members who has a medical condition.

Article 14 (Withdrawal)

1. Notification of school withdrawal must be given at least one month and five days in advanced.
2. In events of re-application of membership registration fee, annual fee and monthly fee must be paid.

Article 15 (Expulsion)

Chelsea FC Soccer School is able expel members from the school if one does following.

1. The act of dishonoring Chelsea FC Soccer School Tokyo via.
2. The violation of dis-contract and etc.
3. Overdue tuition fee that is outstanding for over 2 months despite payment reminder.
4. Violation of other code of conducts that the school deem appropriate.

Article 16 (School closure)

School may be temporarily closed if there is an occurrence of natural disaster, bad weather and changing national economic and political situation.

Article 17 (Responsibility of emergency accident)

Members can be suspended or expelled from membership by the school.

1. In both regular training and school outings our school and staff will not bare any responsibility on members' losses or injuries. Individual members are responsible for their own belonging and safety. No compensation can be claimed against the school or staffs.
2. The soccer school members are must be insured by a sports' insurance. Our school staff will take care of student emergency such as injury accident. However, we will not take the response of the aftercare.
3. Parents and guardians will take the responsibility of the student's medical condition and health check. These are required for the continuation of school activities.

Article 18 (Privacy policy management)

Our soccer school manages the information and will inform the members as listed below

1. Our soccer school will provide student information in school management and CHELSEA FC foundation.
2. The student privacy policy will not be publicly available. Student can gain access to the policy upon requesting of such information

Article 19 (School management and PR activities)

Pictures of our school activities will be updated on SNS, publishers, webpages with school activities for management and school advertisement. Parents and guardians are must agree for publication of students' picture.

Article 20 (AUP)

In response to situation where the terms do not cover and business conducts necessitates, the school will apply appropriate terms of use.

Article 21 (Compliance with the terms and regulations)

Members and parents/guardians must comply with the regulations prescribed separately.

Article 22 (Enforcement)

This Agreement shall come into force from February 1, 2014.

Article 23 (By laws)

If necessary the school will append supplementary articles to add details but will not contradict the original contract. Upon amendment of the contract members will be notified by post and if the members wish to continue with their membership they must agree on the new terms.